"The Viper's Nest" IR Grasp

The Viper's Nest - Peter Lerangis

  The Book "The Viper's Nest" was a really Good book for me to read. It had action, mystery and Adventure. I liked the book because i love reaading Action books and mystery books. In the book there is a Girl named Amy and a boy named Dan, they find a hint in the notebook of a fallen competitor that leads to South Africa.Then, Shaka Zulu, historic leader of the Zulu nation, seems to be the key to this Clue, but Amy and Dan must break into a Tomas stronghold to get it. The two are close to the Clue when they discover classified information: Their parents were wanted by South African police for murder, wich they didn't commit.


  1. 2 Reasons that i enjoyed this book:
  2. 1. It was a Good way to get my Mind of due work or projects that i need to finish
  3. 2. It was Fun to read and to imagine the scenes of the book.


one thing that i didn't like was that They blamed people of murder, but i guess it's for

Dramatic endings of a chapter or a cliff hanger.


A question for this Book is, Why are there Fallen competitors, is  it like a game or a battle


I would reccomend this book to anybody because its a good way to get your mind off things.